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Yellow Dining Room

Last week I had a lot of fun painting our dining room ‘Babouche’ yellow from Farrow and Ball. I was impressed by all the content online about the history of the colour and loved the idea of a Moroccan slipper being the inspiration behind this warm tone.

Our yellow dining room in all its new glory

It is grey and wintery outside, so to bring some North African heat indoors feels very appealing. The room was painted a pale green previously which looked perfectly nice, but I wanted to put a distinctive stamp on our new house.

This was my Granny's painting which I only recently had space to put on a wall. I think the gold frame looks brilliant against the yellow.

The room itself is dark with just one small window, so I could have tried to open it up in a pale neutral shade, but I’m glad I went bold. I now have endless opportunities to play with table decorations to complement the walls!

Selection of ornamental gourds grown by Jack's Dad


I can take no credit for growing the ornamental gourds, but a quick google tells me it is not too difficult, you just have to decide whether you are prepared to dedicate space in your vegetable patch to grow something decorative rather than edible. That is a battle I am prepared to have with Jack when it comes to planting time in the new year.

My week

Driving is not my strongest skill, and my parking is lamentable. On Monday, I drove into an unknown neighbour’s car whilst doing a particularly tight parallel park. I left a gushing note apologising and hoped for the least bad outcome.

Image credit: Raban Haarjik

I could not believe my luck when a few days later a V&A postcard came through the door with an invitation for Bertie, Gretel and me to come over for tea. It was from an elderly neighbour who knew exactly who I was and was entirely unfazed by the damages to her car and thrilled for us to visit her. The luckiest, most ridiculous outcome I could ever have imagined. We are now firm friends.

Image credit: Lin Kiu

P.s. I’m enjoying the fact that as I write this post, I’m listening to Coldplay perform a live session on the radio, and not only is their new album ‘Everyday Life’ fantastic, but one of their loveliest songs is the same colour as my new dining room!

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