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VIDEO: Why salvias are a GREAT plant choice for July

In this week's video I discuss how brilliant salvias are for bringing colour, style and fragrance into your garden.

A year ago I had never even heard of salvia plants, but now they are a salvation in our garden. They add a colourful sparkle where everything else has faded and drooped.

Watch the video to see why salvias are so great.

Watch to the end of the video to see all of Jack's impressive veg!

Now for some info on salvias:

6 quick facts on salvias

  1. Part of the mint family, salvias are colourful and densely-packed flowers with tubular blooms.

  2. Salvias look great in the middle of a flower bed. They also work well in containers to add vibrant colour and height.

  3. Did you know that sage is actually a type of salvia?

  4. Salvias are extremely attractive to pollinators and their fragrant leaves act as organic repellents to garden pests and diseases.

  5. Salvias are heat tolerant which makes them survivors in the summer garden.

  6. Take care when choosing salvias, some are best treated as annuals. I would always choose hardy perennial varieties that come back year after year.

5 quick tips to care for salvias

  1. Position your salvia in a sunny, well-draining spot. If you have the space, salvias look great when planted in groupings of three or more.

  2. Water your salvia thoroughly after planting and continue to water weekly during the summer. Aim for evenly damp soil, as salvias hate to be waterlogged.

  3. Be brave at deadheading faded blooms to encourage further flowering throughout the season.

  4. After the first frost cut back your salvia plants to just above ground level. No other winter care is needed.

  5. Add some compost onto the planting site the following spring and enjoy more blooms!

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