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VIDEO: The Easter Bunny delivers... Hairy Pot Plants

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Kirton Farm is the home of the Hairy Pot Plant Company, which grows plants for garden centres to sell. As a result of the lockdown they have lost the supply chain to shift the hundreds of thousands of plants they cultivated. This is a problem for growers across the country.

Rather than see their beautiful plants go to waste, the team at Kirton Farm encouraged volunteers to distribute their plants for free. I became a volunteer last week and delivered over 200 plants to the neighbours on my street. Naturally, we kept some plants for ourselves (but made sure we donated) and we planted them over the Easter weekend.

Here’s a quick profile of the Hairy Pot Plants we planted:


Hostas are brilliant foliage plants. They are easy to grow with generous leaves that spread on the surface of your flower bed. They come in a wide variety of size and shape, but all hostas thrive in shade and work well in containers. More info here.


Foxgloves are fantastic for adding height and interest into a cottage garden in early summer. They grow well in shady areas that need a bit of colour. Bees and butterflies adore them thanks to their generous trumpets full of nectar. They make great cutting flowers too. Pick the main spire to encourage the smaller side shoots to continue flowering for longer. More info here.


Like Hostas, Bergenias are excellent ground-cover plants. They provide year round interest with bright pink flowers in the spring and large leaves that turn an elegant red in the Autumn. More info here.

Oh and if you are interested in the gardening clogs, you can buy them here!

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