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VIDEO: Roll on 2021

It's the first day of a spanking new year.

I've put together a quick video to get you in the new year spirit!

If you didn't get to the end of the video, here are my five tips to get in the mood for a happy new year in your garden:

  1. Take down the Christmas decorations as quickly as possible to freshen the house for the year ahead.

  2. Invest in some spring bulbs to decorate and perfume the house. My absolute favourites are white hyacinths and white narcissi.

  3. Plant out some winter colour in your borders. Hellebores, cyclamen, snowdrops and primroses are perfect for the winter months.

  4. Invest in a new year notebook and get planning for your garden in the year ahead. It's very helpful to keep a note of what needs sowing and planting when and remind yourself of what you already have before over-ordering!

  5. Look back on the previous year in your garden. It's a perfect opportunity to remind yourself of what went well and what could be improved in the new year.


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