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VIDEO: Four jobs for the end of May

Woah. Where did May go? Another month has rolled by in a flash. For once, we genuinely have a lot to show for it! Thanks to lockdown our garden is better than ever. Our vegetables are growing before our eyes, and the roses are in resplendent bloom.

Use this last weekend of relative isolation to your benefit and finish off a few jobs to ensure your garden is in tip top condition for the summer!

Watch the video for four tips to tick off this weekend!

And if you didn't get to the end, here they are:

  1. Keep your greenhouse glass clean to encourage efficient growth

  2. Build in a weekly feeding regime for your plants, vegetables and roses.

  3. Remove the suckers on your tomatoes, and tie them to the bamboo to support them as they grow up

  4. Ramp up your watering regime! The best time to water is first thing in the morning.

Be mesmerised by the stunning summer results!

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