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VIDEO: 4 Tips to Create a Wimbledon Worthy Lawn

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There may be no Wimbledon in summer 2020, but that is no excuse to neglect your lawn. Give it some TLC by using these simple steps.

If you didn't manage to get to the end of the video, the tips for rescuing your lawn this summer are:

  1. Give your lawn a liquid feed. Make sure you apply the fertilizer evenly and only when the ground is damp. An ideal time to do it would be just after it has rained. If you feed your lawn when the ground is dry you risk creating unsightly brown spots.

  2. If it has not rained for weeks then give your lawn some water. A sprinkler is ideal, but hurry as there is always a risk of a hosepipe ban. If you lawn is looking brown and completely dried up, do not fear as it WILL recover once the Autumn rain begins.

  3. Maintain a weekly mowing routine, sometimes twice a week. If you have fertilised the lawn you will see vigorous growth and you need to keep on top of the lawn as often as you can.

  4. (This point is only relevant to female dog owners as their urine can create ugly yellow stains on the grass.) Either train your dog to pee elsewhere or spray the spot where the dog peed with water and you will avoid a yellow mark.

Once Autumn hits there will be plenty more you can do to your lawn to make sure it fully recovers after the long hot summer. I will provide those tips in due course.

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