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Venice in the Spring

This edition of BG is slightly off piste because I want to talk about Venice. Jack and I visited earlier this month, and it was a revelation! We hadn’t got out of the quotidian routine and experienced something different for too long, but two days in Venice were a real awakening! The city glowed in the sunshine, the biennale was in full swing, the colours were sublime, the food was mega… it was astonishing in every way.

Jack and I last visited four years ago when we were living in London and not yet married, and whilst it’s good to discover new places, there is something special about revisiting a place and taking stock of all that’s happened since the last visit.

Here are the best bits of our incredible trip (just under 30 seconds)

Anyone that followed the blog when it first started in Lockdown 1, might remember that our previous visits to Venice inspired us to create an outdoor ‘dining room.’ You can rewatch the making of our mini Venice here!

And whilst we’re on an Italian theme, I wrote an article about Italian garden design, which like most of what the Italians do is the epitome of chic. You can read that here.

My Venetian Inspiration

Next time I’ll be back to earth in Winchester. I hope you are enjoying May (I think it’s my favourite month).

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