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The Glamorous Gardener

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

For my very first post, I wanted to feature a lovely climbing rose that was a birthday present from my 3 month old son Bertie. It is actually called 'The Generous Gardener' but my husband Jack decided to rename it 'The Glamorous Gardener.'

The Generous/Glamorous Gardener is a David Austin English rose and is famous for its heady fragrance. Nothing quite compares to the scent of an English garden rose, and as these beauties don't grow too tall, they conveniently greet you at nostril height with the most heavenly perfume rising from its pretty pink flowers.


The Glamorous Gardener has bountiful pale pink blooms with endless petals, and a musky heady, delicious scent. It's a repeat flowerer, so once installed you can expect it to come back year after year.

How needy is the Glamorous Gardener?

  • For all its beauty, this rose is surprisingly low maintenance. It will grow in all types of soil and it only needs access to partial sunlight to flourish.

  • Make sure you keep it well watered, especially in hot weather, and treat it to rose food every few weeks.

  • Keep on top of dead-heading to encourage this rose to grow and come back stronger each year.

  • For best results on planting a potted rose, consult the experts! Here is a useful video from David Austin himself.

  • Once installed, you want to train your rose to climb up an arch, a doorway or a wall, so here is a great video from Monty Don with some top tips.

Ideal Destination

  • The front of your house

  • A doorway

  • An arch

  • A pergola

My plan for the Glamorous Gardener

Jack, Bertie and I are moving house in October. We are moving from our rented Victorian terrace in Winchester, to a slightly wider Victorian terrace just two streets away. It's a lovely family home, with a pale blue facade and an amazingly long back garden, more of which will be featured on this blog as and when we move.

We plan to plant the 'GG' just outside our new front door to liven things up and put a stamp on our new house. For now we are keeping it in a pot, so its ready for the move in a few weeks' time. Here's a little video of Jack in action!

What's been going on this week

It was a scorcher! Thursday was the hottest July day on English record. It was a bit of a challenge making sure Bertie didn't overheat at night, so he went to bed just wearing his nappy and was completely unfazed by it, unlike his parents. We finally invested in a fan after years of talking about it, and it was a dream. Not sure why it took us so long.

On Sunday we went to our nephew's christening which was the most glorious day. It was a very intimate gathering to celebrate a delightful little guy! The sun was still shining, but it was a gentler 23 degrees, phew! The christening took place at St Faiths Church which is part of the Hospital of St Cross in Winchester. It was a ridiculously beautiful setting and just the nicest way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Jack, Bertie and me leaving the beautiful church of St Faith's after the christening

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