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Spring 2022

What a special time of the year this is, I hope you are enjoying the spring. Our spring garden is having a serious 1980s fashion moment right now - think Jane Fonda rather than Princess Di. There is nothing subtle about the BOLD colour blocking going on, but after a long and tough winter, it is thrilling to see bright colour again. Things kicked off last month with a sea of yellow daffodils, but they were quickly trumped by our amazing tulips (watch below to see). My top tulip tip would be to embrace a single colour scheme in one area and plant more bulbs than you think is possible. A few stems look lonely and less impactful when surrounded by bare soil. When it comes to tulips, MORE really is MORE! I’ve put together a little video with updates from our garden. The lighting and editing are a bit dodge, but I’m out of practice! I’ll try to improve for the next one as I want to pick these newsletters up again.



  • Thrilled with my bulb lasagne this year. I will be making one every year from now on. Useful guide here.

  • For your flower arrangements right now, go for ranunculus. They are beautiful and last for weeks. I like to combine mine with twigs of apple blossom.

  • Gutted to have avoided planting irises in our spring borders this year. I was so jealous of my neighbour’s incredible display that I'm now convinced they are worth the effort for two weeks of glory.

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