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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Now that the days are longer, the prospect of spending warm summer evenings outside on your terrace/balcony is almost a reality. Even if you won't get to spend those evenings with crowds of friends just yet, it is still worthwhile making your outdoor space as appealing as possible. And when your doors finally open again, think how impressed everyone will be!

Here are some ideas:

1) This bamboo hanging lantern from OKA will add real class to your outdoor dining space. It is designed to be used with LED candles, so it's extremely low maintenance.

OKA Bamboo hanging lantern

2. These wicker lanterns from The White Company are the ultimate in boho chic. They come with a glass vessel so you can light a real candle inside.

3. These festoon lamps from Cox and Cox strike a cool, industrial tone. Hang above your outdoor dining table and transport yourself to an edgy Shoreditch courtyard.

4. This item should feature in the 'For Those who Have Everything' section of The Week. It's a dual purpose LED lantern AND a portable Bluetooth Speaker from Luxedeco.

5. Reminiscent of a festival, this festoon lighting comes from Graham and Green, which is also selling this awesome woodland fire bowl.

6. Yes, I know these lanterns from Nkuku are not the most original, but they are still pretty smart. The edges are made from solid brass, carefully soldered around simple glass sides. The design is clear and sophisticated and showcases a church candle beautifully.

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