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Gardening Questions and Pictures of the week 29.v.20

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Question 1

Becca: We want some plants to go into our bed and the area is quite shaded. We have wisteria but no other colour in the garden. Looking to brighten it up, but need something quite robust. Any ideas?

Becca's flower bed in need of colour

Answer: For quick vibrant colour, pop down to the garden centre for bright bedding plants. They will only last a season, but you can experiment with different schemes each year.

If you are looking for something more permanent, you could try hostas which provide generous ground cover, they shrive in shady spots and have surprisingly lovely flowers in white or purple.

Question 2

Suzie: I wondered if you have any suggestions for a climber to go up and around our kitchen doors. It will have to be pot planted I think because of the patio. I’d ideally like something evergreen but also some flowers in the spring or summer. Do you think Star Jasmine would work? (North facing though)

Answer: Star Jasmine is a beautiful fragrant choice. It works well in a container, and climbs well given some support (trellis or pins). Star Jasmine does like a warm wall to grow up though, so keep an eye on how much sunshine your north facing wall receives during the day. If it's more than five hours a day, then give it a go.

Wollerton Old Hall Rose
Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Other options that can cope with shady walls are roses or hydrangeas. I particularly like the Wollerton Old Hall climbing rose by David Austin. It has a delicate apricot colour and a delicious musky fragrance.

This climbing hydrangea is another good choice. It's easy to grow in the shade and has generous white flowers throughout the summer.

Bear in mind that all plants in containers need extra watering!


And now for some pictures:

One of Howard's peacocks strutting his stuff!

homemade hallumi
Jack's homemade hallumi for our anniversary supper
My godson Leo becoming a gardener!
Sweet peas and peonies
Pastel peonies (benefits of not selling all the flowers)
I was seriously impressed by this thyme growing out of the wall
Cleamatis and rose fence continues to look immense in our garden

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