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Opening up a Rose

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In this post you will learn how to transform a nice rose, into a sensational rose!

All too often roses arrive tightly bound, with their hoods up and zips fastened. Even if you trim the stems, put them in water, and place them near natural light they still barely open up. If you want to avoid uptight roses, follow these very simple steps:

1) Remove the leaves at the base of the bud

2) Remove 2 - 3 petals on the outside of the bud

3) One by one bend the next layer of petals outwards until they 'pop' and fold downwards rather than upwards.

4) Repeat this with 2 layers of petals.

5) Use your index finger and thumb to do a 'zooming' gesture from the inner petals outwards to the outer petals which are already folded down. Repeat the zoom gesture a few times so that the petals move and open up.




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