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New house, new puppy

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

The week that we completed on our house, also coincided with the week we got our puppy. Two life changing events merged into one very exciting week.

First up the house: it’s a Victorian terrace in the middle of Winchester with a spectacular long garden. The garden is one of the many reasons we loved the house so much and we cannot wait to spend time in it. Fortunately, the previous owners loved it too, and they have left behind an incredible harvest of vegetables for us to enjoy.

Here is a tour:

Secondly the puppy: we named her Gretel, as in Gretel Von Trapp (the youngest sister in ‘The Sound of Music’), rather than after Hansel’s sister, but I’ll let it go if that is who you were thinking. Gretel is a black Labrador and twelve weeks old. As we bed into our new home so will Gretel, and despite a few heart-wrenching cries at 4am on her first morning she seems to be settling in well.

Here's our girl:

En route to her new home, which happens to be our new home too

proud new owner

My two babies

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