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My Wimbledon Edit of Flowers, a Recipe and More

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Even if Wimbledon is not going ahead, it still remains a great source of summer inspiration.

Read on for tennis white flowers to grow at home, a tennis inspired outfit and the best way to enjoy strawberries and cream for hot summer days.

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Solomons seal flowers

1. Solomon's Seal flowers

Solomon Seal is a cottage garden favourite that flowers in Spring and continues into early summer.

It has graceful swooping stems with delicate white bell shaped flowers that look brilliant in a flower arrangement. One of my all time favourite flowers.

No churn strawberry ice cream

2. No churn Strawberry ice cream

I don't cook, but this recipe looks so easy and delicious, I might even try it.

You don't need an ice cream maker, you just need a punnet of delicious seasonal strawberries. Yum.

white vans plimsols

3. White vans plimsolls

These are perfect tennis shoes, if you ignore the platform!

I'm pretty sure that my collection of hidden platforms/ flatforms make people think I'm much taller than I really am. Jack is often quite surprised by my height when I walk around in bare feet!

white cosmos flowers

4. Cosmos

When a child draws a picture of a flower from their imagination, it often resembles a cosmos with a long stem and perfectly formed petals.

You can grow cosmos flowers incredibly easily from seed and they make charming summer flowers in perfect Wimbledon colours.

It's a bit too late to grow them this year, but definitely stock up on some seeds for next.

White tennis dress from Sandro

5. White Tennis dress from Sandro

This dress is so chic and so French. Something I'm forever trying to pull off.

It's currently in the sale and with its flaring skirt it's quite sportive too.

6. Winchester Cathedral Rose

Given that I live in Winchester, I had to pick this white rose from my home town.

It is a shrub rose that produces heaps of loose petaled, fragrant flowers and it continues to flower throughout the summer.

Strawberry French bowl by Emma Bridgewater

7. Strawberry French bowl

This Emma Bridgewater bowl is the perfect vessel to gobble up strawberries and cream, or the ice cream listed above.

White hydrangea flowers

8. Tennis White hydrangeas

These hydrangeas have lime green flowers in early summer that change to white as the summer progresses. Again a perfect Wimbledon combination!

Hydrangeas are surprisingly easy to grow as long as you treat them to the right conditions by planting them in rich, moist soil that drains easily, and ensuring they receive afternoon shade.

picnic blanket

9. Ordnance Survey Picnic Blanket

This enormous picnic blanket is the perfect accessory to enjoy a socially distant picnic with plenty of Pimms and strawberries and cream.

I love this one and it's waterproof!


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