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MAD HATTERS: The best head wear for gardeners

This sunny weather is perfect for tending to your garden, but don’t forget to cover your head.

I love wearing hats in the garden, partly because it’s fun and jaunty and I can pretend that people can see me, but mostly because hats are the only effective way to cover my roots at the moment.

Here’s some inspiration for all the family:

1) The classic Panama

The Panama gained its iconic status when President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on his visit to the Panama Canal. Since then, these hats have graced the heads of style greats ranging from Ernest Hemingway to Joe Swift. Contrary to popular belief Panamas come from Ecuador, where they are handwoven from fronds of the toquilla palm, so no two are the same. You can buy one here.

2) PomPom straw hat

Channeling boho chic, this hat from Boden is modeled beautifully by my niece. Sadly I can't find an equivalent for adults, but this one from Anthropologie comes close.

3) Silk scarf to channel HRH, or indeed Audrey.

This was fun until a honey bee buzzed in, so wear with caution. The best of course are Hermes, but I also like this much cheaper one!

4. The not too daft baby hat

It's hard to a) find a baby hat that will stay in place for more than 2 minutes (enter handy chin strap) and b) find a hat that looks vaguely stylish. It took a lot of hunting and this number from Jojo was the best I could find. They have great girl options too.

5. The floppy straw hat a la Brigitte Bardot

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of coffee, cigarettes and sunshine. Well done! You've transported yourself back to the 1960s and have landed in St Tropez. Only one item of clothing is necessary: a big floppy straw hat! Find something similar here.

My flawed attempt at channeling Brigitte's chic.

Happy gardening!

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