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Incredible blooms to enjoy in 2021

It’s hard to imagine it now, but spring will be here before we know it.

To whet your appetite for what’s to come, I’ve picked out my absolute favourite blooms to enjoy over the next 6 months.

January: Hellebores

Hellebores are nodding winter beauts. They come in delicious colours: silvery whites, cool pinks, and deep burgundies - the perfect accompaniment to a winter wardrobe. Some hellebores even have marbled petals which are really quite special.

Hellebores are easy to grow and thrive in rich, well-draining soil. Buy some now and they will add genuine interest to an otherwise bleak garden. The best part is, they will come back year after year, just when you need them to.


February: Snowdrops

The sight of snowdrops nodding in the wind is the most welcome reminder that spring is around the corner.

Snowdrops (Galanthus) are surprisingly varied in colour, size and petal formation so you can have lots of fun choosing which kind is right for your garden. Just make sure you get some!

Place an order now for 'snowdrops in the green' which will be ready to plant in clumps come February. Plant in moist soil and they will multiply in drifts. If you’re lucky enough to have a good crop, snowdrops look heavenly scattered in little vases across the kitchen table.


March: Daphne Shrubs

Daphnes are tough perennial shrubs with deliciously fragrant blooms. A daphne's perfume lifts the garden from smelling of damp earth to an aromatic paradise.

Plant near a pathway or close to a door to ensure full nasal enjoyment as you waft past.

Daphnes can be planted all year round provided the soil is not frozen. They need to be positioned in dappled shade in well-draining soil.


April: Tulips

Tulips epitomise spring, you can almost hear them pop with joy as they emerge from the ground on their long swerving stems. I adore tulips in borders, in pots, and of course in vases.

It’s surprisingly difficult to decide what tulip vibe to go for when selecting the bulbs each October. There really is a tulip to cater for every taste.

My tulip cocktail of choice for 2021 is a velvety Queen of the Night combined with a creamy Exotic Emperor.


May: Lily of the Valley

What’s not to love about these tiny, white, fragrant bells? It's amazing to think that these small, shade loving flowers pack such a punch in terms of looks and fragrance. It comes as no surprise that lily of the valley flowers have long been used in bridal bouquets for their elegance, perfume and beauty.

This article is very helpful for tips on how to plant them at home.


June: Tie Break between Roses and Peonies

I defy anyone who is not captivated by roses. The sheer variety, fragrance, romance and abundance of roses in early summer is pure heaven!

Whilst roses can be expensive, they last for years and years and years, so they are incredible value for money. You can plant containerised roses at any point in the year, but if you buy bare root roses opt to plant them either in late autumn or towards the end of winter.

For more info check out my rose guide

Peonies are not subtle, they are unapologetically big, bold and blowzily beautiful!

Peonies look fabulous in borders, but they are also stunning as cut flowers. My favourite is the astonishing Coral Charm variety pictured here.

For best results, plant peonies in rich, well-drained soil in a position of full sun. They establish best when planted in autumn or spring. Come June, be prepared to have supports at the ready as peony flowers are often very heavy.


If you haven't already got established plants in your garden, now is the perfect opportunity to get planning.

A colourful, fragrant and joyful garden is just within your reach!

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