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Christmas Wreath Hack

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Today I’m looking at Christmas wreaths with simple hacks and suggestions to make one yourself.

Here we go again! The festive tunes, the extra frission in the air, the party invitations, and the mince pies, there is no denying that Christmas is here.

I adore decorating the house at Christmas, and one of my all-time favourite decorations is the Christmas wreath.

Let’s look at the shape of it. A circle. Marking the circularity of time. It might be the end of this year, but the festive season will come back and back and back again, and there is something heartening about that.

A Christmas wreath tells the world in a small way how you feel about Christmas, which is why I love to get crafty and make my own. In the past two weeks I ran three different Christmas wreath workshops for all the new people I’ve met in Winchester in the past year. I think everyone went home pretty pleased with their creation, each one slightly different, and I loved how individual personalities shone through.

As these workshops were for fun rather than a professional enterprise, I decided to buy readymade wreaths, and spend the time adorning rather than building from scratch. I know it’s a bit of a cheat approach, but it saved a lot of time!


I picked up all the materials from the local wholesale flower market unless stated otherwise.

  • Readymade wreath

  • Olive branches

  • Eucalyptus

  • Pussywillow

  • Birch branches sparkly

  • Dried limes and oranges

  • Pinecones

  • Berries

  • Chillies

  • Old Man’s beard*

  • Ivy*

  • Holly*

  • Fairy lights**

*foraged from the hedgerow

** Amazon


  • Snippers

  • Floristry wire

  • Gluegun!


  • Locate the green wires that hold the readymade wreath together and start to tuck in short branches of ivy. Encourage the foliage to flow in a circular direction

  • Add olive branches, holly sprigs and eucalyptus branches to the wreath building it up gradually and continuing in the same circular direction.

  • There is no need to be sparing, wreaths look better the fuller and thicker they are.

  • Now snip pussy willow into three or four sprigs and insert into the wreath.

  • By this stage the wreaths should be looking full and delicious but keep going if there are gaps. Don’t forget to add foliage in the donut centre as well as on the very outside.

  • Once the base is complete you can have all sorts of fun adding decoration: dried chillies, limes, oranges, pinecones, sparkly birch twigs, fluffy old man’s beard, baubles… anything goes! My mother in law adds Brussel sprouts to hers.

  • Use either floristry wire or a glue gun to attach to the wreath.

  • Complete with miniature fairy lights for a final sparkly touch!

My Week

I started off running these workshops hoping to make a bit of money from them. On Monday night I confidently told Jack that I thought I’d take home £200, which would have been a pretty nice treat at this time of the year. By Tuesday the total had gone down to £100, and by Wednesday when I was sitting in the dark doing mental arithmetic on the stairs the total had gone down to approximately £40! If you count the time I spent going to the flower market (three trips), the petrol, the trips (two) to the supermarket for mince pies and bubbles, and all the hours prepping, these workshops ended up costing me money. I really ought to sit down and be sensible and look at how to budget it better for next year, but I didn’t do it to make money.

I had a lovely time bringing people together and encouraging them to get creative. However, note to self, this is not a business idea to pursue!

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